Burdisson Brewery

“A Word of Welcome from Brewmaster Gloni Burdisson”

If you are visiting Burdisson Brewery, then it’s likely you already know good beer. Since the time of our founder, Borrdar Burdisson, this brewery has prided itself on producing some of the finest beer anyone could have in a lifetime. Our commitment is solid, and our resolve to continue the work set forth by our ancestors is firm.


But what makes a good beer? Ingredients only go so far, truth be told. Here at Burdisson Brewery we believe our beers are what they are because of tradition. A tradition that says, “We forge mighty good ale.” So welcome to the brewery. Have a good look around, and take it all in. Drink some beer, sit and talk to our brewers, and if you’re lucky you might have another experience like this once more in your lifetime.


- Gloni Burdisson

The first of many to come, Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale is the legendary brew that started it all.


“Burdisson's Dwarven Ale pours a rich brown with a hint of mahogany. The nose immediately picks up on the intermingling chocolate and caramel malts bathed in the fruity esters. The taste complements the smell, bringing out the depth of the chocolate and caramel malts. Smooth across the tongue with a medium body, ending with a dry but sweet finish… a surprisingly easy drinking beer given it's apparent alcohol and dark appearance.”




Originally known as the Mines of Logann, what today is known as Burdisson Brewery was founded over 1100 years ago by Borrdar Burdisson, a visionary Brewmaster who united his clan towards a single purpose. That purpose was to brew the best beer in all the dwarven lands and beyond.


Where others saw only a used up old mine (The brewery, as pictured above, was actually once a coal and copper mine!), Borrdar saw a new home and a new direction for his people. So with a little luck and a lot of hard work, the Burdisson’s eventually renamed the Mines of Logann into the Burdisson Brewery, their home.


The old coal mines and the surrounding lands all underwent a massive transformation over the first few centuries. Farmlands, now rich and verdant, required decades of cultivation and shaping. Massive waterway aqueducts were constructed to bring the mineral rich water of the high mountains into the plains below the brewery. The work of becoming a truly independent entity was not realized until after Borrdar’s death. The Burdisson’s were saddened at the death of their strongest leader in centuries, and they were galvanized into forging ahead.

Boran Coalbeard's Latest Release


Boran Coalbeard is a renowned beer connoisseur, known chiefly for his exquisite tasting events and several published books concerning the art of beer making and highlighting brewers from all over Kirfaël.


A trained brewer, Boran has always had a much larger thirst for adventure than for brewing, and he has taken his expertise in the field on the road with him, learning as he had traveled. Often traveling at the head of a caravan or a wagon train, Boran is known for bringing the best beers and newest novelty drinks along with him in his travels. He enjoys sharing his finds with other enthusiasts, and it is widely known that with Boran Coalbeard’s arrival a drinking festival is sure to commence.


Boran recently visited the Burdisson Brewery write a stand alone piece, a warm up if you will to his upcoming tour. Read about his visit to the Burdisson Lands and keep watch out for his upcoming project, a Gazetteer outlining of some of the best beers in all the land.

Coalbeard's latest book

A Few Words from our Patrons...

“Stocking Burdisson’s Original for my customers is like waking up and finding yourself sleeping on a pile of money, only wetter.”

- Keeder Hilden,
Proprietor of the Keening Skiff Inn

“If I had only one drink to drink before facing the hangman, it would, without doubt, have to be a Burdisson’s Original for me. There is nothing like it in this world, and I would like to have its taste on my lips as I enter the next world in the hopes that I might taste of the brew forever.”

- Corann Kiter,
Chief Provisioner for King Lorin of Hammertop

“Fabulous!? That word doesn’t even begin to describe the overwhelming sense that finally, that one thing that was missing in my life has finally been found!”

- Lilos the Elf

“As a dwarf, it makes my heart swell with pride to be able to say that the Burdisson Brewery is the most dedicated brewing establishment in any land. This has lead the Burdisson clan into halls the height of which few could ever hope to achieve. Their accomplishments in agriculture, industry, and innovative technology aside, there is no other beer like Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale that I have ever tasted. No beer so completely assaults the senses in a manner which causes the drinker to beg for more of the same. Earthy, rich in color and flavor, and easy on the tongue, I heartily recommend to any drinker of brewed beverages the joy that is Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale.”

- Boran Coalbeard,
Brewmaster and Renowned Beer Connoisseur

“I like it!”

- Sir Parran Jorn,
Knight of the Three Sigils


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